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Midcentury Modern

Our midcentury modern style takes its cues from after the second world war. A time when furniture designers and architects were eager to develop new ideas that married the mass production and technology with a more optimistic outlook for the future.

Midcentury Modern furniture is defined by its beautiful simplicity, its marriage of form and function, and by the dedication to the angular silhouettes that made this design tradition famous.

Many Midcentury Modern designs were originally born out of a need to create more efficient living spaces during a post-war housing shortage.

Defined by clean lines, classic angled or tapered legs, and a dedication to simplicity that reenforces its timeless appeal.

Our Midcentury Modern collection takes the best of its classic design cues, and combines it with artisan solid wood and meticulous craftwork.

Midcentury Modern

Simple, functional, timeless. Married with our commitment to artisanal craftwork using only the finest wood. Explore all of our inspiring midcentury modern designs now