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About Us


My name is Melissa and I'm the co-owner of Wooden Soul alongside my mom, Amy. Like many others, we've always dreamed of running our own business -- being our own boss. For my mom, the dream was a hot dog stand (keeping it real). I have a business degree but never found the right opportunity to apply what I learned. Many years and a ton of life changes later, I stumbled across Wooden Soul and everything clicked. One thing that has remained constant was our appreciation for stylish quality craftsmanship in our homes. Our furniture has mostly remained the same through all the years and life changes. It's a special feeling, owning a beautiful item that you know is made of something real -- and will remain with you. We want to spread that feeling to as many homes as possible.

Please enjoy browsing our selection of real wood furniture. They’ve been curated from all over the world and we hope you find something that sparks joy in your home.