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Our Wood


Keeping it real.

At WOODEN SOUL, we don't believe in cheap particle board, weak imitations, or laminates. Only artisanal solid wood, premium veneers, and high quality engineered wood is allowed here. You won't find any of that cheap, bargain basement furniture that runs rampant at those big box stores. Our furniture collection is inspired by the natural world. The real world. It becomes a part of you, and we believe it should last a lifetime. Scroll on to learn more about our materials.


Our own personal favourite wood, hands down. Some of the most unique wood grains, the most character, and most importantly, one of the most sustainable wood species in the world.

Acacia Wood

Nevermind, they're all our favourites. Acacia is extremely durable and will last a lifetime with proper maintenance. A very high density wood that is weather, scratch, and rot-resistant. But just as importantly, Acacia is known for its natural wood grain variation and distinct beauty. And is one of the more sustainable wood species out there.

Fir Wood

Fir is a big, bold, beautiful tree that stains beautifully. One of the stronger and more durable softwoods, Fir has a relatively straight grain which makes it excellent for furniture going for a bit more of a uniform finish. Fir trees are huge, too, which means more wood yielded per tree.


Pine has legendary status in the furniture game. Its iconic knots make it easy to pick out in a crowded living room in its natural state, but a lot of your best furniture may be pine without you even knowing it, thanks to how well it takes stain and finishes. Despite being considered a softwood, pine is stiff, durable, and shock-resistant. This means it can compete with hardwood like oak for a large niche in the wood market.


Few hardwoods offer Mahogany's consistent color, rich grain pattern, or ability to hold a stain and polish. In its natural state mahogany has a brownish, ruddy hue that ages into a uniform color. They say Mahogany sometimes appears to be glowing from the inside, thanks to how it naturally reflects light. It's one of the most sought after woods in interior design, and with good reason!

Mindi Wood

Mindi is also commonly known as White Cedar wood. Dutch travellers and merchants originally brought the wood to Indonesia where the locals started growing it in plantations and they named it “Mindi” wood. Naturally resistant to decay and fungi, Mindi wood is an extremely workable wood. Check out our series of black-washed Mindi wood pieces.

Indian Rosewood

Indian Rosewood is a beautiful, rich, dense wood used in everything from musical instruments to fine furniture. Rated highly durable and resistant to all sorts of threats, even termites. Characterized by a deep and dynamic wash of marble and rich natural tones, this species takes stain particular well and retains a natural vibe no matter how it's treated.

Ash Wood

Ash is another favorite around here, featured prominently in our most beautiful dining tables and lounge chairs. Characterized by a robust, straight-grained, good-looking and shock-resistant aesthetic. Versatile enough to use in any furniture category thanks to its durability. Particularly wonderful for anything with a surface thanks to excellent shock resistance. But most of all, we can't get enough of that bright, inspiring ash grain.

Birch Wood

Strong and durable, birch is an awesome hardwood to use in all kinds of furniture. Its color can be reddish-brown (birch heartwood) or almost white (birch sapwood), and because of it's natural beauty, clear finishes are often used to simple enrich the magic that's already there.

Oak Wood

Oak is an old favorite for furniture design. It's quite dense, making it strong, heavy and durable. Oak is also remarkably resistant to water, insect and fungi or mold growth. Oak is revered for its natural beauty, featuring an iconic grain pattern with plenty of unique and uneven character from sample to sample.

Poplar Wood

Poplar wood features a diverse color profile, but generally goes from a light brown to a creamy yellow vibe. It's a lightweight wood that makes it easy to work with, particularly useful in pieces with a lot of moving parts like drawers or cabinet doors.

Teak Wood

Teak is one of the world's prized wood species, especially because it has a secret power. Its good looks are no secret, including the primary ingredient in some of the most world famous designs from the midcentury and Scandinavian design movement. But did you know Teak is so naturally water-resistant that it can be used in outdoor and shower furniture? Featured prominently in our shower seating collection, but used across a wide variety of pieces. We love teak, you should too.

What's Veneer, Anyways?

Veneer has gotten a bad rep. But it is real wood and can be really special. Veneer is two thin layers of solid wood with a substrate sandwiched between it. The benefits are many, including environmental ones. If you're only using a thin layer of hardwood and a more sustainable material for the middle, you get a lot more out of each tree! Veneers are also significantly lighter and can do things wood can't, like the curves of this chair. So it's an important tool in a craftsman's toolbelt. When we're happy with the design choice, we sell select premium veneer products.