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Reclaimed Industrial

Our Reclaimed Industrial design pillar celebrates everything organic, raw, and imperfect. Reclaimed wood a plenty in this collection, as are iron and steel accents. And, a little rough around the edges spirit that adds character and realness to your space.

The magic of reclaimed, recycled, or characterfully finished wood. Combined with iron and other industrial accents.

Wood isn't perfect. Just like us. This collection features reclaimed wood or otherwise character-rich finishes that make for one of a kind furniture.

Often features iron accents to reenforce the industrial vibes. Wherever possible, the natural imperfections of the wood is preserved.

Reclaimed Industrial design is about humanity, realness, and natural inspiration. Wood at it's most honest. Spaces full of character and rich with personality.

Reclaimed Industrial

Reclaimed Wood. Iron accents. Natural, characterful finishes. Our Reclaimed Industrial design collection proves that imperfection is inspiring, and that keeping it real can leave your space more human and authentic. Explore it all here.